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Find an event. Attend an event. Show your support during National Infertility Awareness Week® by being part of a nationwide event. Whether it is a local event in your area or an awareness event happening online, find out the events in your area. To search or participate, first note that RESOLVE specific events are noted with a star.

How incredible would it be to attend an NIAW awareness event in my area?

DIY Walks of Hope

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Walk of Hope represents the infertility journey – a series of small steps, each one filled with hope and a reminder that no one on this journey should walk alone. 


DIY Walks of Hope are happening throughout the U.S including, Pittsburgh, PA, Wausau, WI, Charlotte, NC, Fort Wayne, IN, New York, NY, San Diego, CA and Alexandria, VA.

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Local community landmarks are lighting it up orange during Natinal Infertility Awareness Week. 


Locations include Philadelphia, PA; Charlotte, NC; Boston, MA; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY; etc.

We want to see pictures of these landmarks lit up. Take a picture and tag @resolveorg using the hashtag #LightItUpOrange.

Light it Up

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