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Social media

National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW) is about empowering you and changing the conversation. There are many ways for you to join the conversation during NIAW. One of those ways is through the lens of social media.  

Help spread the word for #NIAW2024


In 2024, get ready to #LeaveYourMARK2024, whether you're a professional, patient, or supporting someone with infertility, we have a chance to leave a lasting mark during NIAW. NIAW is the moment to define family on your terms, own your choices, and unite with the community to raise awareness about the infertility experience. Whether through social media, local events, or advocating for change, use #LeaveYourMARK2024, and together, let's inform the world, media, and Congress about how infertility and legislation impact our family building journey.

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Let’s elevate our voices and spread the word about NIAW with these sharable and downloadable graphics you can use online (provided in English and Spanish) including logos, post images, story templates, and more for you to use throughout National Infertility Awareness Week®.

Use #NIAW2024 and #LeaveYourMARK2024 as much as possible and tag RESOLVE, @resolveorg. Let’s make this movement trend! 

Social Media Graphics

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Participate in the NIAW 5-Day Challenge to show the daily impact of infertility and the challenges people face to build a family.

NIAW 5-Day Challenge 

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Social Media Frames 

Strike a pose! You can help spread infertility awareness during NIAW is by downloading one of these NIAW social media frames to add to your profile picture! 

Instagram Filters 

Show your support for this National Infertility Awareness Week® by using our new filters on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you create!  

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​​Spread Awareness on Social Media: 

  • Get creative! Post about your experience with infertility on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media platform you prefer.

  • Download an animated awareness GIF through GIPHY to get into the NIAW spirit.

  • Inform the public by posting an infertility fact a day during the week of NIAW. Share these facts about infertility.

  • We’re on Spotify! Check out our empowering NIAW Spotify playlist.   

​​Show your Support on Social Media: 


  • Show support by making a tribute donation towards RESOLVE’s mission with an accompanying message of support to friends and family members struggling to build a family.

  • #WearOrange and snap a selfie in support of infertility awareness. Share your connection to the cause during NIAW on Wednesday, April 24th. 

  • Start a Facebook or Instagram fundraiser to raise awareness and help support the mission and programs of RESOLVE!   

  • Share our Infertility Etiquette resource and how you support someone with infertility.

How to #LeaveYourMARK2024 during #NIAW2024 

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